My investment wallet in £ – results after 2 months

Exactly two months from starting running an investment wallet in £ I want to show you the results. My choice to invest into the developing markets and commodities was good. 20.67% during 2 months is really decent profit. In the same time, FTSE 100 went up 6.58%. WIG – Warszawski Indeks Giełdowy (Warsaw Stock Exchange Index) went up 4.93%.

In the image below you can see a comparison of the performance of my wallet (in green) and FTSE100 (in blue):


And picture showing the results in each month: in February from 18th February, the whole March and till 16th April.


Now I have 3 funds in my wallet:

  • Investec Enhanced Natural Res I Acc Net (GBP) (GBP)
  • JPM Natural Resources C Acc (GBP) (GBP)
  • Neptune Russia & Greater Russ C Acc GBP (GBP)

I have decided to sell Henderson China Opportunities I Acc (GBP). The performance of this fund was worse than two commodity funds I have and I know that if the commodity price goes up, also China market is going up. So I prefer to have funds which performance is the best. I have checked and after selling China fund – other funds had better results than the one I sold.

Today – there is a meeting of oil producers in Doha. The results of talks can affect oil price and consequently the results of my wallet. Keep your fingers crossed for positive effect of the talks.


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