Emerging markets – was that a good choice to invest in? Oh… yes


Summary of the Warsaw Stock Exchange Freedom Portfolio during the first year of running a public portfolio

At the end of March 2016 I decided to start running a public portfolio of shares on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is the time to summarise the results after the first year.

It seems that the people who decided to peep the wallet should not be disappointed. The results surprised me positively. The wallet which I will call the Warsaw Stock Exchange Freedom Portfolio gained +41.70%.

I buy companies on the Polish stock market – Warsaw Stock Exchange. For investors from Poland the change in value was +41.70%. At the same time the benchmarks gained:

  • Index WIG                       +23.63%
  • Index WIG20                  +15.42%
  • Bank deposit                   +2.44%

For me and other investors investing their £ in the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the WSE wallet gained +55.54%. One year ago ratio of  currencies British Pound to Polish Zloty was higher than now. During the last year Zloty gained 10% to the British Pound. It means it was good move to have money invested in Poland instead of investing in the London Stock Exchange. We gained in both ways – through strengthening the currency in which we had money and through increase in the value of the bought companies.

Maybe now it is good moment to exchange money back to British Pound. Maybe… but I will still keep my money in the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Benchmarks for British investors at the same time:

  • Index FTSE 100                                                            +20.21%
  • Index FTSE 250                                                            +4.00%
  • Bank deposit                                                                 +2.44%
  • the Global Markets Freedom Portfolio        +48.18%
    It is my second wallet which I run – from today it will be called the Global Markets Freedom Portfolio – the link to it please see below

+79.30% – great results of the 1st year of my mutual funds wallet/

It is a free wallet available to the readers of the blog. It shows my investments on the ISA and SIPP accounts. If you are interested what are the reasons I invest on the Warsaw Stock Exchange – please have a look at the post:

Fundamental Valuation Ratios – a focus still on Russia, Poland and China stock markets

If you want to have access to the composition of this wallet – please visit the page:

My wallet on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Stay tuned.


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